3 Reasons you need to set goals

Each January you make goals a.k.a. New Year's Resolutions because you want to change or become better at something in your life. Or maybe you do it because everyone else is doing it...ya know, it's the thing to do.

But do you know that setting goals for yourself can be really beneficial in improving your quality of life? We know it sounds farfetched, but hear us out.

We believe there are 3 main benefits of setting goals. Keep reading and we'll share them briefly with you.

1. Gives you a sense of purpose.
Imagine waking up with a feeling of being lost, confused, and no sense of drive. To be honest, some people (I'm not talking to you...of course) wake up feeling exactly like this and it could be for many reasons. But this could also happen because of the lack of a goal. When you don't have a goal sometimes you don't have a direction and a sense of purpose.

However, when you have a sense of purpose you wake up ready and motivated to work towards the smaller actions and steps needed to accomplish the goal you've set. Generally, you wake up feeling good because you feel excited to get closer to your goal by completing your to-do list for the day.

There will be times when you wake up feeling sluggish and unmotivated, but when you have a goal that you're committed to accomplishing, you'll have a reason to dig deep and get the work done. But how can you push yourself if you have nothing to work towards.

2. Helps to keep you focused.

"Today, I need to...squirrel ...the beach seems...squirrel...I want ice crea.....SQUIRREL...

Doesn't make any sense, does it? LOL Sometimes without a goal it's hard for you to focus. You can't get much done because there's nothing specific to focus on; so you go about your day, week, month, life starting and stopping things. Soon you'll have an entire house full of not even half-finished projects.

"Today, I need to finish chapter one so by the end of the year, my book will be completed and ready to be distributed in stores."

Makes much more sense, right? Well, that's what happens when you have a goal you're committed to...even when you don't feel like working. You know what needs to be done and the only way it will get done is by being focused and doing the work.

*Pro Tip - To help keep you even MORE focused on the goal that you want to achieve write your ultimate goal and all the mini-goals into your planner so you know what to do each day.

Plus when you're focused, you'll find ways to help you accomplish your goal much quicker. Your priority becomes clearer and you're more efficient with your time. In return, you'll have more time to do other things and if you're consistent, you'll accomplish your goal quicker. Which brings us to the next point.

Pro+ Tip - To help you want to use a planner, grab some cute stickers to help you keep track of all the tasks and milestones. They will make you want to open up your planner each day*

3 reasons to set your goals

3. It gives you a reason to celebrate.

Throw a party! Pop the champagne! Confetti everywhere! Who doesn't love to celebrate? You've worked hard, completing all of the smaller tasks to reach your ultimate goal. That is no small feat. Celebrate your achievements, big and small when that time comes. You deserve it.

You don't only have to celebrate the big, end, goal...you can celebrate all of the mini-goals as you achieve them. This helps you keep your excitement up and have fun in the process.

You know what they say...work hard, play harder. It's only natural!

Do you agree with those points about having a goal? Let us know in the comments below! We'd love to hear your viewpoint!

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Mystic Magnolia LLC

Mystic Magnolia LLC said:

So happy that this post helped you! Yes…celebrate each accomplishment so you can have motivation to continue to pursue your goals!!! Thank you so much for reading!


Stephanie said:

Great tips! I definitely have squirrel syndrome. Keeping a todo list really helps me to push and accomplish things. I love that you mentioned celebrating even the small tasks. I think I am going to start doing this!

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