3 Reasons you aren't as productive as you think you are.
If you're read the previous blog post (The Importance of Setting Goals; Why You Should Set One), then you'll know that setting goals help you be more productive. If you haven't checked it out yet, I encourage you to do so. Today, I want to go into more depth as to why you aren't as productive. Let's dive in, shall we?
I bet you're a busy woman. Working a full-time job, raising your children, managing your household, and running your own business. WOW! How do you find the time? I'll also go as far to say, you don't have it all together (who does?). Don't you feel burnt out? Don't you just want to stay in your comfy bed, with your soft sheets, nestled with a good book while you sip on some deliciously made-just-right coffee? 

But instead, I am pretty sure your days go something like this:

Wake up 
Wonder how long you can stay in bed before actually getting out of bed.
Use the bathroom.
Get the kids up and ready.
Be a referee to bickering children.
Frantically get them something to eat.
Get dressed and "ready" yourself.
Hustle out the door before everyone is late.
Pick up children from after-school program
Come home to a messy house.
Scramble to get dinner started.
Referee bickering children again.
Check for homework.
Help with homework.
Clean up from dinner.
Referee bickering children once again.
Give baths to children who are still bickering.
Put children to bed.
Work on your business (emailing clients, making and packaging orders, etc).
Take a shower
Finally in bed and it takes 2 hours to go to sleep.
In 4 hours you'll have to repeat this whole process again.

Phew! I am exhausted from just typing all of that! Most women live this scenario (give or take a few details). Other people see you as Superwoman, while you see yourself as a chicken with its head chopped off. Don't you feel like that?

There are multiple reasons you're so busy, I'll just focus on these 3:

1. Doing too much at once.

While others see you as Superwoman, the reality is...YOU'RE NOT! As women, we think we can have it all, do it all, be it all. But we can't! We just end up a burnt chicken with our heads cut off! Yes, I include myself, because I (Celeste) sometimes have that superwoman syndrome!
Write down everything you do (from church events, Facebook group admin, to PTA, work, etc). Determine which activity you can cut out to relieve yourself from the stress of overbooking yourself. You need to lessen your load! I had to do this myself. It was challenging, however, so freeing once I relinquished the idea that I had to do everything and be everything. 

2. You have a messy, unpredictable routine.

If you don't set up a healthy routine throughout your day, then you'll be left with feeling defeated before you even get out of the door. A routine isn't a schedule. It's simply an order in which you do things. Instead of getting the kids ready first, take some time and primp yourself. Even if that means....dare I say it....waking up a few minutes earlier GASP!!  

Spend that time with yourself. Do a devotion, meditation, or a self-affirmation session. Wash and moisturize your face. Get yourself ready. Then get the kids ready, or teach them how to get themselves ready (if they are the appropriate age). 

I know focusing on ourselves first sounds selfish, however, you can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first, fill your cup, then pour into the kids! It's a struggle to get past this mindset, I've had to overcome the exact challenge, however, it is healthier this way. 
Now, I am not saying that life will be completely predictable, we all know that is IMPOSSIBLE. However, you can have some predictability. 

3. You don't have a Plan.

If you don't have a healthy routine, chances of you having a plan for the day is likely slim to none. When I say, "have a plan" I do not mean a detailed schedule of what to do and when. I am referring to being prepared for your day. Simply have a goal (if you need help creating one, feel free to snag the "How to create a goal and crush it workbook).

Because we know having a goal, helps you be productive, then we know that having a plan is a step to accomplishing that goal. It gives you something to do each day! But how does this correlates to your plan for the day?

Planning your day simply means that you know what you're doing ahead of time. You're not just "going with the flow". This leaves wiggle room (yes, I just wiggled in my chair as I typed that) for idleness, for wasted time, and for wasted energy.
What are you having for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? What errands need to get done after work or school? What tasks absolutely need to get done in the house? Are there any important events happening? 
Document each activity down in your favorite planner the night before so you can get it all out of your brain at the end of the night and get to sleep! 

I hope that has helped you! Before you head out, be sure to be a part of The Magnolian Tribe on Facebook. We have so much fun. You'll be encouraged to be productive and accomplish your plan for the day! 

See you next week, when I talk about planning to be productive! 


Celeste C.
February 05, 2018 — Celeste Collins

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