Get Yo Life Back: Write the Vision
Okay, let's be real with each other for a sec...We've all made resolutions and two weeks into the year, every resolution we made has been broken or ignored! One of the main reasons this occurs is because if we can't see it, it's easy to dismiss it. So as the old folks from church would say, "write the vision and make it plain, Suga!" No, I'm not talking about any Miss Cleo "call me now" psychic visions, I'm talking about actual pen to paper writing down of your hopes, dreams, plans and goals that you want to accomplish for the year.

There are many ways you can do this, but I'll just focus on these three today:
*Vision Boards
*Productivity Lists
Vision Board

So what's a vision board, you might ask? Well it's not the thing you look at when you go to have an eye exam that's for sure! A vision board is simply a physical representation, by use of pictures/clippings/art/sayings/etc, that you can have to inspire yourself to keep pushing towards your goals. Your vision board can be as extravagant or as minimalist as you would like it to be. The important part to remember is that it is a representation of YOU, so it should reflect YOUR style! What do you need to create a vision board? At a minimum, you'll need a cute notebook, a good pen or pencil, and a list of your desires for the year; however, you can also use a large poster board, magazine clippings, printed clip art and of course decorative stickers to create your board. And if you're technologically savvy you can even create a digital vision board. 

Make sure you place your vision board in an area where you will be able to see it and refer back to it often. Remember: Out of sight, out of mind! You can hang it on your fridge, put it in your room, or hang it up in your home-office (if you have one), just make sure that you can look at it often for inspiration and motivation.

I mentioned notebooks earlier. Notebooks are so functional in so many ways. You can use a notebook to write out your personal daily thoughts as a journal, to brain dump and/or to make out daily to-do lists for productivity. Let's start with journaling. Personally, I've always had a journal only when I was younger it was called a diary. It had a little lock and key attached (that anybody could easily break into so it really wasn't that safe) and I poured out all my deepest, darkest secrets into it every night before I went to bed.

"Dear Diary, Today Chris smiled at me and I thought I would just die right there at my locker!" Oh to go back to those years when everything was so simple, carefree and fun. But just because we're adulting now doesn't mean that we can't still write out our deepest, darkest secrets or even our excitement over the guy we like smiling at us! You can journal in many ways as well:

*Write out your day as if you're the Morgan Freeman narrator to your life's story
*Create a gratitude journal using something like "Today I Am Grateful For" as your heading

Happy Days Notebook

*Journal using positive affirmations for the day

The important part is to simply write it down. Maybe you can use your journal to track your moods and how you feel throughout the week so that you can trace patterns of emotions and look for signs/ways to improve your mental health. If there's one thing 2020 taught us it's that mental health issues are real, they are serious, and they are not to be taken lightly! Having a journal that you can go back and look through can easily alert you to patterns that you may not have realized existed before.

Another fun way to use your cute notebook is for to-do lists. Yeah I know you've already made lists and even checked them twice like Santa, and then turned around and lost them or forgot about them completely. Keeping those lists in a cute and stylish notebook may be the thing that helps you remember them better. So here are a couple of examples of using your notebook to create lists:

*Brain Dump- seriously this is my favorite way! All you do is simply write down everything that comes to your mind. That's it, just list it all out! Then you can go back and group what you've written down into categories like Home, Health, Me Time, Self-Care, Business/Work, Personal Goals, etc. 

*Daily To-Do Lists- for the love of all things holy, PLEASE don't bog yourself down with the to-do list! Instead, use the to-do list to create blocks of time. For example, create four hour blocks of time (8am-Noon, Noon-4pm, 4pm-8pm) and list your top three priorities for each block of time. Breaking your day up into manageable, prioritized chunks serves to alleviate stress, while making it more feasible for you to check off the items on your to-do list. And guess what? If you don't check off every single thing on your to-do list it is A-OKAY! I promise you the world won't end! Simply move whatever is left to the next day and start fresh tomorrow. Eventually you will get it all done. 

So by now I hope you're super pumped and excited about creating a vision board, or brain dumping, or journaling, or prioritizing your day through the use of daily to-do lists and you're thinking "where can I get a cute and stylish notebook to begin?' Girl, I've got you covered! You can find so many super cute notebooks that will help you write your heart out right here on this site. To make it even more fun and engaging, be sure to pick up some stickers ('s stickers).

Since we're making 2021 the year of renewal, please take at least 30 minutes a day to yourself to stop and create your 2021 Vision Board; or journal nightly about your day, write your positive affirmations down, or your daily gratitudes; and/or make out your daily to-do list to help you stay on track and focused on what you need to accomplish. Remember, brain dumping is a great starting block for all three. Get it out, put it on paper (in your new Mystic Magnolia notebook of course), write the vision and make it plain, but above all...


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