How to handle change when it happens.

There are a lot of things that can derail plans you’ve originally created: 
other people canceling, a sick child, a task that takes longer than expected, and even a pandemic sweeping across the world causing a major panic (UGH). Hello, Celeste here and I am writing to give you tips on how to handle change when it matter the cause.

Changed plans can bring about some unexpected consequences like anxiety, depression, and for some even relief. And the negative feelings like anxiety and depression can reak havoc in your body. While the feeling of relief can happen for some (depending on what changed), you may not like change and it can send you spiraling out of control. You may get overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed, if you do then I think this blog can help you immensely.

There are many things you can do to help reduce the amount of stress that comes with change. If I were to list off of them, you'll probably never stop reading, so I'll just give you a few top choices that I think will help you.

How to handle change tip 1: breath

The first and biggest tip that I have for you is something super simple, but hard to do once anxiety grabs a hold on you. So before that happens......BREATHE!

When plans change, a lot of thoughts can surge through your minds and sometimes all at once. This causes people to go into panic mode and breathing can be difficult.

So before you even get to this level, focus on breathing in and breathing out. Breathe in, hold for 2 seconds then breathe out. Do this until you no longer feel panicky. Repeat until you can stay calm. You can't control change, but you can control how you react to change. And once you change your response to change, you experience growth.

Are you breathing yet? OK...good. Let's talk quickly about another thing you can do to help you cope with the unexpected change.

Update your planner! 

How to handle change tip 2 update planner
I know this option is one of the first thing planner-lovers in the planning community think about...their planners. Haha. When plans change, make sure you're making those changes in your planner. Of course, you could just cross through it, but that won't make you happy. If you don't handle change well, you'll need something to make you smile or chuckle each time you see it.

How to handle change tip 2 update your planners
You can place a canceled sticker over the changed plan or even a "nope", "adulting at its finest", or a "self-care" sticker will suffice. My favorite ways to indicate the change is by either arrowing it to the next day (if it is a task) and using a happy Mystic paired with a script sticker (which you can see in the picture above). In this instance, I used a self-care script sticker. It that I replaced that task with a self-care treat.

Whichever way you prefer, just make sure you note it in your planner and the end result makes you smile. I don't know about you. Mystic always makes me smile. Here's a quick bundle that will help you smile through the changes.
How to handle change: Take Care Planner Sticker bundleUse the Tare Care bundle will give you all the sticker you need. Perfect for when changes happen. 

But a question that often comes up after a change of plans is "what now?". So this leads me to the next point.

How to handle change. tip 3
Replace the canceled plan with something that brings you joy.

Sometimes those negative feelings come back, even after updating it with a cute sticker in your planner. So you always want to replace it with something that makes you happy. I always recommend some form of self-care.

A facial, nap, reading, journaling...whatever it is that you find calming is what you should do. That way when the time comes around, you can at least feel happy. You're filling that void.

So there…even if it feels like the world will end…just remember it won’t. Life will go on and you will manage. 

Question to answer:

Do you find it hard to handle change? What has helped you manage your feelings when change happens?

How to Handle change when it happens. From Mystic Magnolia

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