Girl, Get Yo' Life Back: Relax, Relate, Release
Ok y'all! I need you to channel your deepest southern drawl and clear your throat for your twangiest, countriest accent and repeat after me: RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE! Come on, say it like you're Whitley Gilbert: RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE! Now inhale, and exhale. Okay good. Are you centered? Are you focused? Are you more relaxed and ready to jump into this week's blog post because this week we are going to talk more about aromatherapy, reading, and journaling! Yeah...self-care! So let's go...


First and foremost, let's get one thing clear from the jump, self-care isn't selfish! Self-care is very necessary in this day and age! Long gone are the days where we are expected to simply sacrifice our entire existence to be a mother, wife, caregiver, partner, etc. Yes, we ARE super women, but even super heroes need to recharge. I know what you're thinking... WHEN do I find the time to do this recharging? Do I just plug myself in like an iPhone and recharge while I'm sleeping? Is there a backup battery somewhere? As promised, I'm going to give you some quick self-care tips to help you get yo' life back for 2021.


Self-care doesn't have to be an all day process; although, in all honesty as much as we do for others we SHOULD really try to schedule one solid day of nothing but pampering ourselves at least once a year. Maybe do it on your birthday or as a Christmas gift to yourself. I am a firm believer that if you aren't taking good care of yourself, you are not going to be any good to those around you! But, when a full day of pampering is not in order, here are some easy, time friendly ways you can take some time out to relax, relate, and release:


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*Bubbles, bubbles oodles and oodles of bubbles! Take a nice, long, hot bubble bath! I mean you have to get clean anyway, so mark off 30 minutes at the end of the night, run that bath, pour in those bubbles and soak away the day's troubles. And if you wanna jazz it up a bit, light your favorite candle(s) and/or pour a nice glass of your favorite drink of choice. I prefer a nice fermented grape juice (aka wine)  myself. Hahaha! Then hop in, snuggle down deep, close your eyes and think happy thoughts.


Speaking of which, aromatherapy is a great relaxation technique that has been used for hundreds of years. Certain scents cause our brains to react in a certain way. Think Pavlov and the dog... Scents like bergamot, cedarwood, clary sage and vetiver have calming and relaxing properties. Ylang Ylang, pink pepper, patchouli and juniper berry can be used for balance and stress relief. And of course there are our tried and true scents like Roman chamomile and lavender that definitely help aid in sleeping better at night. It's best that you keep these scents in stock at all times. And if burning candles isn't your thing, then try diffusing some essential oils (just make sure it's 100% therapeutic grade. Don't get the cheap stuff).

Maybe bubbles aren't your steelo (did I just date myself by using that word, oh well). That's okay, some people are shower people. So maybe you can throw on some comfy, cozy PJs, wrap up in a warm and fuzzy blanket and grab that book that's been collecting cobwebs for months. Reading for just 20 minutes a day has a myriad of beneficial elements for you:

  • It can relieve stress. You'll be so focused with the characters in the book that you'll forget all about your real life issues for the moment.
  • It can help you wind down so that you can sleep better. Again, altering your focus is the key here. Reading will allow you to push out all of those racing thoughts and free your over-worked mind up for drifting off to la-la land.
  • It is fundamental for a better education. You're never too old to keep learning new things!
  • It also opens you up to new vocabulary words.
  • It increases your memory functions.
  • It is great entertainment! Of course a good movie is great, but reading allows you to use your own imagination to create characters in the shades, shapes, and images of your desires. You can even put yourself into the character's shoes and become anyone you want! 

Okay, so maybe you're no longer the voracious and avid reader that you once were. Maybe you're a writer instead. Take that same 20-30 minutes every night to write down the events of the day by journaling. We'd like to think that we'll remember all the important things in life, but realistically we won't. Write it down so that years from now you can share those memories, major events or momentous occasions with your children or grandchildren.

 But since we're specifically talking about self-care, I have the perfect tool for you! Have you seen the new Mystic Magnolia Self-Care Journals?! EEEEEKKKKK they are so cute and perfectly set up to get you started on your self-care journaling way! These brand new self-care journals are perfect for scribbling down your thoughts, dreams, ideas or how you pampered yourself for the day. One of my favorite ways to use my self-care journal is to start with a daily affirmation. Something as simple as writing:

 "Today I will remind myself that I AM ENOUGH!"

"NO is a complete sentence!"

"I am fearfully and wonderfully made!"

 Then follow up with how you made time for yourself today, how it made you feel and ways you can make more time for yourself in the future. 

A few other quick and easy self-care ideas are:

 *Giving yourself a pretty manicure and pedicure. You can keep it au naturale or try that red color you've been too afraid of trying! 

 *Tired of the messy bun or go-to ponytail that you've been rocking for months? Watch YouTube and find a cute hair tutorial and try it out on yourself!

*Speaking of YouTube... have you ever wanted to try one of those glam eye looks? Search for makeup tutorials and just go for it! Try out that smokey eye look you've been admiring! It's just makeup and it washes off if you don't quite get it right! But trust me, you'll have fun playing in makeup just like you did as a kid!

 *Been in sweatpants and a t-shirt for far too long? Girl, go in your closet and have a mini fashion show for yourself! Go put on that LBD that's been sitting in the back of your closet all year, throw on some heels, turn up the volume to your favorite song and WERK the imaginary runway in your room!

 *Music... music soothes the savage beast! And it helps you relax too! Pump up the jams and have a dance session right there in your room! Whip that hair back and forth! Throw ya' hands in the air and wave 'em like ya' just don't care! Shake that booty like a salt shaker! JUST HAVE FUN! 

 So ok guys, remember what we said in the beginning of this blog post...


Yes, that's it! Now inhale, and exhale. Ahhhhhh much better! I hope you learned something from this week's blog post and that you start to schedule some time for your own self-care needs. Self-care helps you to keep your sanity. Self-care isn't selfish. Self-care is a necessity. Self-care is the best care!

Now Girl, Go Get Yo' Life Back! 

 ~Mystic Magnolia Team

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