5 Ways to use a notebook

Do you know how to use a notebook?

Confused? Why on earth would there be a blog on how to use a notebook, it's a notebook! Well, simply put, most people only use it to keep notes or quick to-do lists. Which is great, but there are so many reasons and ways to use a notebook. 

5. Use a Notebook to make To-do lists

This is one of the most common uses of notebooks. It's great for keeping your to-do lists in one place. However, you'll need to be careful. Women are known for filling up a sheet of paper with a ton of to-dos that just can't be done in a day. We tend to beat ourselves for that as well. 

***Mystic Tip - - Create sections on each sheet. You can easily fit 10 sections on a single sheet.  Use the top portion to categorize your to-do lists. Write down the must do's first, then followed by what you'd like to get done first (on the lines that are left in the big section in each category). Then assign your most important tasks to a day. Each day should have an item from each category (see example below). 

Mystic Tip To-do list

Using the tip above, this will help you from being overwhelmed each day. Who says you need to have a spic and span house EVERY DAY? As long as it gets cleaned, right? lol

4. Use a Notebook to take Notes

This one may be just as obvious as the previous tip, but seriously notebooks are amazing for notes. So much space to write the important points of a lecture from school, a meeting, or a webinar that you don't want to miss out on. 

***Mystic Tip - - Notetaking helps give your hands something to do and makes you focus on what is being said. It's impossible to legibly write out every verbal word, focus on the most important points and use a good bullet point system. Write quickly, but legible. 

Good notetaking skills will develop over time. 

3. Use a Notebook to Journal Your Thoughts

Some may prefer a smaller notebook to be their daily diary, however, a standard size notebook works just as well and gives you more room to write out your thoughts. Writing out your thoughts can be seen as decluttering your mind. 

 *** Mystic Tip - - Journal your thought 30 minutes before you lie down each night! You may just find that it will help you sleep better. 

2. Use a Notebook to doodle

Who doesn't like to doodle? You don't need a sketchbook to do that though. Whenever inspiration strikes (or boredom), pulling out a notebook and pen/pencil can be just what you need to spend your time. 

1. Use a Notebook to Write Your Goals for life and/or Business in. 

Finally, the last way that we want to give you to use your notebook is to write out your goals for life and business (if you have one). Having goals are great, but they are not meant to be kept inside you. Write them down and go a step further and put together a plan.  All in your notebook.

*** Mystic Tip - - Use a different notebook for different things! You don't want to mix goals for your life with your daily diary. The only one that you can combine is doodling. Creating to-do lists can also be combined with your life goals or business goals notebook if the to-do lists are relevant to that topic. 

Don't have a favorite notebook? You know Mystic Magnolia has your covered grab your favorite one (or more) from the site to use for your needs. A beautiful notebook will make writing fun and enjoyable.

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