3 ways to help you remember to use your planner

In one of our previous blog post, we shared the secret sauce to crushing your goals. In that post, we told you that using your planner can help you crush your goals in a timely manner.

While we spoke briefly on this, we didn't give you many in-depth tips on how to actually accomplish that! So really quickly, we want to do that for you today! So if you're the person who buys a planner every year intending to use it but two weeks later it's buried in a drawer or hidden on a shelf collecting dust...this post is for you. 

Here are a 3 of our favorite tips to help make sure you use your planner:

Dreamy Christmas planner sticker kit

Use cute planner stickers!

Using stickers that you find appealing makes you just want to look at your planner purely for the cuteness of it. Especially if you have decorated it so nicely, you'll want to admire your work for days on end. If you don't have any stickers or need more (cause there's no such thing as too many stickers), click here to see our collection. You can also get inspiration on our *unofficial YouTube channel! At the bottom of this blog, we'll provide some inspiration for you!


Leave your planner in the place you pass frequently.

Whether it's at your desk, on a kitchen counter, or an ottoman in your living room find a spot that you find yourself at the most and keep your planner there throughout the day. If you keep it in a room that you don't frequent, well you know what they say, "out of sight, out of mind". it's so true. Don't let your planner be out of sight.

Vintage bloom sticker kit

Leave your planner open.

Until you get in the habit of looking IN your planner, leave your planner open. It's much less work on your part. Now, opening a planner isn't the most energy-laden task, but the thought of opening a planner that is filled with your to-dos can overwhelm you. Make it easier on yourself and just leave it open.

Sometimes no matter what you do, your to-do list can be so overwhelming and you find yourself feeling like you have to do everything at once. Ultimately, you end up doing absolutely nothing. So come back here and we'll share more with you! Better yet, we know you're busy...so get on the list and we'll share when a new blog hits the site..that way you won't miss that tip and any other tips we'll share! See, it makes life easier for you!

Until next time,

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Here's the inspiration video!

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