Mainly through the use of stationery, Mystic Magnolia is completely dedicated to helping you create (and plan) your dream life. It's not just about making a list and checking it off (though it feels AMAZING to do so), it's about living the life you dream. It takes work, effort, and planning to get there. 

That's where we come in. No, we can't do the work for you, but we can help you achieve the work you need to do. How? That's easy, through the use of cleverly, cute stickers (both functional and creative) and other very helpful stationery (and related) products. 

Why the name Mystic Magnolia?

We all know that as much as we like to plan, we can't always predict how life will be in the future. It's a mystery. Also, form time to time, we like to change things you never expect what's coming next! We keep it exciting that way!  

We also view life as delicate and majestic as a Magnolia flower. There's something so special about a magnolia that makes even royalty take notice of it. We believe you (and others) are like the magnolia flowers, delicate, classic, and majestic in your own right. 

What can you expect from us?

We'll take really good care of you as a magnolian (that's what we call our Tribe) and help you take joy in the mysteries of life while helping you create (and plan) your dream life. 

You can expect top-notch customer service, quick shipping (we try our best to ship out 2-3 business days after orders are placed), fun products to help you get your day organized (i.e. planner stickers, journaling cards, cute planner accessories, i.e.).

And if there are any issues during your experience, you can expect we'll work hard to make it right!

Happy Planning!