Customer Reward Top Ten

Mystic Magnolia would NOT be Mystic Magnolia without you. We always look for opportunities to show our gratitude. The top TEN members of the Facebook community group will receive a super special rewards for just participating in the group.

How does it work?

It's really simple. The goal is to comment on posts I (or other Magnolians make) and/or create your own posts in the group (make sure you're keeping it fun or about Mystic outside promoting of other products). The more you do it...the better the chance of you becoming a top 10 contributor becomes. Of course, please be genuine! 


Not sure what to share?

If you've purchased something from here, feel free to show your excitement of what you've ordered or show how you're using it. If you see a post from someone who is asking questions, feel free to answer it if you know the answer! This also forms a tighter-knit community. 

What do the top 10 contributors get?

All of our top 10 contributors (of the Facebook group) get an exclusive 35% off their purchase the first 14 days of the month they earn the award, 100 Magnolia Bucks, a super cute card with a sampler sticker sheet that only top ten'ers get. The 100 points are yours to keep and won't expire, however, your coupon code expires after the 14th day of each month so make sure you take full advantage of it. There are no exceptions. 

What can the Top 10 discount be used on?

You can use the coupon code on any product on the site except products under the Merch category or tagged with "merch" in them, mystery boxes, and limited edition items. You won't have to worry about this as the code won't work for products like these! Also, you cannot used the coupon in conjunction with other coupons. 

How are the Top 10 selected?

At the beginning of each month, an admin will go into the group's insights and screenshot the top 10 contributors that Facebook has automatically generated. This keeps is fair and organized. Remember, there are no favorites (even though...all of you are our favorite)!