Lemon essential oil is a well-known oil to date. This powerful citrus oil should be a staple in households across the world. Many people use it to clean their home (its cleaning properties are amazing) and some use it to aid in their face cleaning routine (diluted in their cleanser). But most don't know it can actually help you calm down. 

Best of all, this lemon oil is great to diffuse and is USDA organic certified. So rest assured the process is as natural as possible. 

This particular oil has been imported from Italy and is cold-pressed. It, of course, has a strong citrusy smell. 

Here's a cleaning recipe:

40 drops of lemon oil
20 drops of tea tree oil
16 oz of distilled water
1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar
1/4 tsp of your favorite dish soap

Be sure to add the dish soap last so the suds don't consume the bottle. Mix well and enjoy cleaning your home.

    Please note: we aren't physicians and will never recommend consuming oils without consulting with your doctor.


    What you need to know:

    Size: 10 ml